Clint Wagoner Mastering: New Branding For Audio Physics Productions

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Clint Wagoner Mastering is the online home for the audio services of Dallas based musician and sound engineer, Clint Wagoner. Clint has spent two decades refining his craft and has been professionally mixing and mastering for 10 years under the online services provided by Audio Physics Productions.

Clint Wagoner has added more services over the years, but is especially talented in audio mastering. Clint is a people person and likes to discuss projects with his client, whether over the phone or in person during a session. "The key to making sure my clients are successful with their production is consultation." says Clint. "There needs to be synergy and corroboration between the producer and the sound guy, without a working collaboration, the project suffers..." Check out some of Clint's work, as well as see what gear he uses at

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