The New Jeremy Facknitz Band Album "From Those Sweet Ashes" Blew Me Away!

So there I was, working on some new stuff, when a new master came down the wire. I grabbed the files, loaded them up and took my first listen. As the finger plucked riff and smooth vocal took form, my ears perked up. The sound was crisp and the music was catchy. Before long, the seemingly feeble intro bursts into an epic and massive orchestral arrangement that supports the lyrical content perfectly. As the lyrics sink in, it begins to come clear that the message of the song is just as powerful as the musical delivery.

I am describing the first song of the album "From Those Sweet Ashes" by Jeremy Facknitz Band, but the entire project excels in this regard. The level of song craft prevalent in this album is astounding. Every piece is a musical journey through a myriad of emotion and artistic detail. I actually found myself on the verge of tears while listening to the song "Love So Big." This is a heart felt ode to the little ones in our lives and is my personal favorite tune on the record. The over all message is a hard pill for parents to swallow, but also talks to the joys of watching our children grow.

All in all this is an amazing album, produced by my friend Jarrod Headley at North Park Studios in Colorado Springs. I am extremely proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to working with Jeremy and Jarrod again in the future.

I encourage each and everyone who reads this to do themselves a favor and check out Mr. Jeremy Facknitz and his Band. Grab a copy of the album while you're there!

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